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Mirabai of Woodstock is where you come to find serenity, to look inside yourself, to seek wisdom and to reach higher. It's a place of peace and calm. To be perfectly honest, nothing quite replicates the energy of being at the shop, but time and space don't always allow for that. So we invite you to explore Mirabai online. Our resources for conscious living await you here as well! Come on in and get a little bit of Mirabai's magical energy delivered straight to your home.

Woodstock Eclectic Gifts - Books, Crystals, Statuary, Jewelry, Incencse
ShopBooks and Resources for Conscious Living

Shop Mirabai's many treasures. Mirabai is home to the most enlightening and elevating books on the planet, as well as a brilliant collection of crystals, jewelry, statuary, scents, energy sprays and other provisions for serene and centered living. Check out our new Magical Mystery Boxes — an inspiring surprise package for you or a loved one. And there's nothing like a Mirabai gift certificate to generate joy.

Group & Private Sessions for well-being, calm, and inner focus
SeekHealing, Guidance and Ceremony

Mirabai's workshops and individual sessions are experiences that will remain with you for a lifetime. Wisdom and guidance from a seasoned lineup of teachers, healers, empaths, mediums and intuitives, the light workers of the Mirabai universe. Nourish your soul and illuminate the road ahead.

Planning a Woodstock getaway?  Your gracious, spacious, sparkling retreat right above Mirabai
StayA gracious, spacious retreat "Above the Books"

Woodstock is a magical place and we would love to host you on your next trip to our whimsical hamlet. Our vacation rental "Above the Books" located just up the stairs from the shop is spacious, sparkling and splendiferous. Graciously appointed, thoroughly equipped and just steps from everything Woodstock. Rest, relax and renew.

Some Upcoming Group Workshops

Aura Cleansing Meditation w/ shamanic healer Jennifer Bergeron
A grounding, chakra and aura cleanse to heal the multi dimensional layers of the spirit.
Pure Magic: The Essentials of Practical Spellcasting w/ author Judika Illes
Author Judika Illes details techniques and methods of effective spellcasting, as well as the tools that assist the process such as botanicals, crystals and candles.

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Some Upcoming Individual Sessions

Remote Karmic Clearing w/ Shamanic Healer Jenn Bergeron (by appointment)
Remote sessions via Zoom or phone. Soul Retrieval via meditation and Shamanic healing to access the Akashic Records, void negative contracts, evolve the soul and allow your spirit return, First Wednesday of every month (by appointment)
Remote Reiki Sessions w/ Reiki Master Maureen Brennan Mercier (by appointment)
Remote Reiki Sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or phone. Experience relief from pain, inflammation and emotional distress. First Friday of every month (by appointment).
Remote Astrological Readings with Astrologer Alexander Mallon (by appointment)
Remote readings via Skype, Zoom, phone or Google Chat. Deep dive into a series of astrological charts cast from your birth data to shed light on work, family, relationships and more. First Saturday of every month (by appointment).

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